KC Zine Con is…

(more than) the Midwest’s DIY Publishing fest!

We’re a collective of zinesters, writers, artists, activists, and zine-enthusiasts working to build a DIY community in Kansas City.

Zines are self-published DIY publications, typically made using a copy machine. Founded in 2014 by the Kansas City Zine Collective, Kansas City Zine Con is a one-day event held annually in Midtown Kansas City, Missouri, where participants exhibit, sell, and trade their independently published zines, comix, books, newspapers, anthologies, tracts, pamphlets, and DIY radical readables of many forms. At this free event, anyone can come and wander the tables, chat with the incredible artists, make a whole host of new friends, and get tons of zines!

In addition to the annual fest, KCZC facilitates writing, collage, and zine-making workshops in the community and has partnered with organizations such as the Kansas City Public Library and the Johnson County Library. As an entirely volunteer-run organization, KCZC exists to build and foster a DIY community of zine-makers.

“The vibe was just right: more than a thousand friendly weirdos gathered to peruse chapbooks, comics, tote bags, screen prints, T-shirts, buttons, pottery, poetry collections, and old-school zines made of photocopied and stapled pages. To attend Zine Con is to feel a part of a beautiful artistic community beginning to break through.” – The Pitch’s Best of Kansas City, 2017

Want to get involved? We’re always looking for more Volunteer Organizers! Being an Organizer is a big commitment: we meet 2 – 3 times a month to plan the fest, and we all do a little bit of everything: from planning the table layouts, to graphic design, to social media marketing; from contacting vendors and out-of-state tablers, to training day-of volunteers, performing secretarial work, or schlepping around boxes of zine-making supplies… it’s a ton of hard, fun, gratifying work that’s all worth it come fest day. Still interested? Drop us a line!

Meet the Organizers

Jess H. – Jess is a Kansas Citian who loves making, reading, trading, and collecting zines. It’s that love that lead her to connect with other local zinesters and work towards putting on the first KC Zine Con in 2015. After the success and connections made at Zine Con #1, her long time dream of running a zine distro came true! Since November of 2015 Neither/Nor Zine Distro has specialized in local, personal, self-care, DIY, radical and feminist zines. In addition to tabling other cities’ zine fests with Neither/Nor Jess has found rad stores in KC (Josey Records, Revolution Records, It’s a Beautiful Day, Inner Space Yoga and Wellness, and Hagoyah) to showcase and sell zines. She hopes the distro will continue to grow and be a source for new and old zine makers/enthusiasts to sell their zines and support one another.

Katie H. – From eager volunteer at KC Zine Cons 1 & 2, Katie has now ascended to full-fledged organizer status! Way ta’ go girl! Katie is a KC native and yes, she and Jess are sisters (not twins! Seriously people??) When Katie is not scrolling through cute puppy pics on Instagram she is probably outside playing volleyball or writing skits for Shots in the Night, a local Community Radio Theatre group. Fin.

Steph I. –  (she/her) Steph has a love of the zine medium. From 2005 to present, Stephanie has worked with others to establish zine culture in Kansas City. She has done this through workshops, social events, pop-up libraries and exhibits, mentorship of first time zine-makers, and the creation of a local history archive for zines in the Missouri valley History room. She co-founded Undercurrent, a community created zine about Kansas City, and she has several personal zines under her belt. Stephanie likes zines because they allow people to be authorities of reality and share their voice. She believes that, through events such as the Zine Con, we create a community of ideas where everyone’s voice matters.

Dayna M. – (they/them or she/her) Dayna is a zinester, web developer, writer and occasional gardener from Kansas City, MO. They enjoy bikes, black coffee, and exploring cities. When they are not publishing zines or planning the festival, they facilitate zine-making workshops for fine arts nonprofits, gallery spaces and private parties, with an emphasis on helping students craft personal narratives. Visit them online at catmothcrow.com.

Abigail W. – Abigail first got involved at Zine Con 4 last year when she requested a workshop about making zines with kids. Little did she know she’d end up co-leading the workshop and eventually join the ranks as an organizer! She led zine workshops for kids as a Program Specialist at Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City, and she’s excited about continuing to introduce zines to kids of all ages. She currently works at Girl Scouts, and she’s a member of the Kansas City Civic Orchestra and their educational outreach committee.

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