Virtual Tables at KC Zine Con #6

We’re excited to announce the zinesters who will be tabling virtually at KC Zine Con #6! This exciting collection of DIY artists, writers, thinkers, schemers, and dreamers will be slinging zines online on September 5th and 6th, during our virtual zine fest event.

Note: If you submitted an application, but don’t see your name below, there’s a chance your application is caught in the drafts! First, check that you submitted a completed application: did you hit “submit for review” upon completing your application? If not, your application was saved as a draft and not submitted! Send us an email ASAP at, and a friendly KCZC Organizer will help you troubleshoot.

“Girls, on Film” is Hopelessly Devoted to 80’s Movies
Adam Gnade
Al Polston Illustration
Alex Wrekk & PBW Zine Distro
Allison Morris Lesch
Amanda and Nadia
Anna Jo Beck
Art by MEH
Art of Jake Meyer
Ashley Caswell
Austin Wilson
Ben Biersmith
Ben Lee
billups shepard allen
Billy McCall
Britain Bray
Carmen Pizarro
Casey Babb
cat moth crow
Charlie Vicars
Chloe Henderson
Coin-Operated Press
Dean Summers
diasporan savant press
easy paradise
Ejen Chuang
Emily Altman
eri sakata
Esther Greenwood School for Girls
Eternia Press
Explore Your Own Garden
Extra Tender + Mutual Exchange
FanMinnetastic Zines
Forever Incomplete: Perzines and Fanzines
Frank Myles
Gerard Dalbon
Get Gnar Zines
gutwrench press
H Simon
Hamilton Six Zines
Heather Andhercats Press
Ilish Echols
James & John Coats
JCDS Emerging Artists
Jenna Appleseed
Jessie Lynn McMains / Bone & Ink Press
Jonas Cannon
Kaley Bean
Katherine Montalto
KC Tenants
KC Zine Con
KC_Codex Gaming Zines and Collectables
Kirsten Robb
Kyra Gross
L. Kozak
Linnea Nierman
logios press + distribution
Long Arm Stapler
Luke Vermin
Lydia Langebach
Mackenzie Cole
MacKenzie Illustration
Mara Gervais
Marina Graves
Michael Herring
Mo Klos
Neither/nor Zine Distro
Nika Winn
No Good Zines
No Scene Zine
NOS Press
Olivia Fredricks
Pocket Thoughts
Pretty Good Co.
Rachael Wojdyla
Rachel Bard
Rat Hands Press
Ray Nadine
Regan Chrisman-Boman
region journal
Richard Pepper
Saber Blazek Art
Sale Into the (0s
Sean Dempsey
Shawnee Mission East High School
Shuttlecock Music Magazine
Sleuthy Saturn
Spicy Boi/ Buttman World
Stephanie Battista
Tabletop Zines by TYAB
Taco Tuesday Comics
Thayer NG Bray
The Beautiful Worst – a digital zine curated by Katie Li
The Community Remembrance Project of Missouri
The Liberated Liberator: Absolute Veracity since 1647
the pain u feel is capitalism dying
Tim Brown
Tori Holder
Triangle Head Universe
Triple Jeopardy Zine + Comics
Ulterior Zines
Will Cardini
Zayne Eris Chrysanthemum