A raccoon holding a zine.

KC Zine Con is… (more than) the Midwest’s DIY Publishing fest!

Zines are self-published DIY publications, typically made using a copy machine. Once a year at KC Zine Con, participants exhibit, sell, and trade their independently published zines, comix, books, newspapers, anthologies, tracts, pamphlets, and DIY radical readables of many forms. At this free event, anyone can come and wander the tables, chat with the incredible artists, make a whole host of new friends, and get tons of zines! In addition to the annual fest, we also hold workshops in the community. We’re an entirely volunteer-run organization, and do what we do out of a love for zine culture.

“The vibe was just right: chapbooks, comics, tote bags, screen prints, T-shirts, buttons, pottery, poetry collections, and old-school zines made of photocopied and stapled pages. To attend Zine Con is to feel a part of a beautiful artistic community beginning to break through.” – The Pitch’s Best of Kansas City, 2017

Our eponymous event will return in 2022. Until then, check out our Zine Scout events: free workshops and meet-ups to tide you over until the next convention! If you attend enough events, you’ll even get a sweet prize at KCZC #7. (Learn More)

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